Your Private Computer on a Stick

Built in VPN, encrypted Email and Storage, Bitcoin wallet. Leaves no trace.

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Digital protection that goes where you go

Your Keep Stick computer comes on a handy USB stick you can use with any PC. Your purchase includes a 1 year subscription to our secure integrated VPN, an encrypted email address of your choice and regular security updates.

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What people are saying about Keep Stick.

Really easy to use!

"Keep Stick’s interface is really easy to use. I use mine to manage my Bitcoin wallet and send confidential emails."

J. Barclay

Peace of Mind

"Keep Stick is the safest thumb drive around."

No Worries With GDPR

"Data protection is essential for us and our clients. Keep Stick takes away the worry we might miss something."

David G. ACA Senior Partner

Hot and Cold

Benefit from hot wallet convenience to trade Bitcoin directly from Keep’s encrypted environment. Totally isolated from the host computer.

For ultimate protection flip the network switch to shift your wallet to ice cold offline operation.

Your right to privacy

We believe your use of connected devices and digital services should be free from threat and data collection. We created Keep to provide simple, comprehensive protection that ensures your right to privacy.

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Safe in every scenario

No matter your activity, Keep ensures all your information stays encrypted on your portable flash drive. Only you know the password so your data is always protected in case of theft or accidental loss.

Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Security that reaches beyond simply a hardware wallet: a permanent VPN to encrypt all web traffic, 2 factor authentication to block hacking threats and encrypted storage accessible only by you. Just some of the things that make Keep unique.

Need protection for everyday use?

Whether you’re sending private emails, browsing the web or managing your finances, Keep's advanced security features make sure none of your details or activities are compromised.

Using Wi-Fi in public?

If you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi source (like in a café), Keep encrypts your connection to protect your privacy.

Start protecting your digital life today

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