The Secure Computer on a Stick

Encrypted emails, private VPN browsing, secure file storage and more, all on a USB stick

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Digital protection that goes where you go

With its connection to Keep's Secure Services, Keep Stick provides you with encrypted emails, encrypted file storage and a VPN in a handy USB stick you can take anywhere you go.

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Encrypted emails

Keep your confidential emails protected from snoopers and hackers with end to end encryption.

Private web browsing

Keep has a built-in VPN so you can browse privately on any network with absolute confidence.

Secure file storage

Keep’s dedicated operating system provides you with comprehensive encryption to keep files secure.

Ransomware protection

Keep includes robust virus and ransomware protection to keep your data safe.

Your right to privacy

We believe your use of connected devices and digital services should be free from threat and data collection. We created Keep to provide simple, comprehensive protection that ensures your right to privacy.

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Safe in every scenario

No matter your activity, Keep ensures all your information stays encrypted on your portable flash drive. Only you know the password so your data is always protected in case of theft or accidental loss.

Using Wi-Fi in public?

If you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi source (like in a café), Keep encrypts your connection to protect your privacy.

Need protection for everyday use?

Whether you’re sending private emails, browsing the web or managing your finances, Keep's advanced security features make sure none of your details or activities are compromised.

Victim of a cyberattack?

If you’ve been the victim of hacking, phishing or ransomware fraud, Keep provides security assurance so that you can continue to use online services without fear of further intrusion.


Peace of Mind

"Keep Stick is the safest thumb drive around."

Use it Legally!

"Thanks for letting me in on your beta program. I now regularly use Keep Sticks in my legal practice."

Dr. Johannes H. Attorney at Law

No Worries With GDPR

"Data protection is essential for us and our clients. Keep Stick takes away the worry we might miss something."

David G. ACA Senior Partner

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