About Us

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Keep Stick is a comprehensive data privacy and security solution created by The Broadband Computer Company Ltd. Our company is formed of an experienced group of technologists and marketers who believe passionately in producing quality software products and services that make computers safer and easier to use for the non-expert user. Based in the North East of England since 2005, we first developed an easy to use computer for an older audience who were unfamiliar with computers.  Many were feeling excluded from on-line activity and communications with family and friends by the complexity of mainstream offerings. Described by the Financial Times as “absolutely outstanding” the feedback we had from our users was overwhelmingly positive and heart-warming.

Now with Keep Stick we have turned our attention to the crisis in computer security and the need to provide robust solutions that are easy to use by all. Many technical experts will recognise the techniques we are using and say people can do this for themselves. Our experience is the complete opposite. Our users have expertise in many fields from Accountancy to Law to Journalism. Why require them to also be skilled in computer security in order to keep themselves and their business safe on-line? Our mission is to provide advanced security solutions that can be used easily by any typical home or business computer user.