Cookies! Good or Bad?

When you visit a website there are many processes that go on behind the scenes, in your browser and across the web, that you might never notice. Cookies are just one of these processes that in most cases exist to make your experience more enjoyable. However, distinguishing between the different types of cookies is important. We put together this blog so you can decide for yourself if they are good or bad.

What Are Cookies?

Simply, a cookie is a small text file that is stored in your browser which keeps track of your preferences, login details, shopping carts and other data that remains even after you leave the site. This means that when you return to the site you will not have to spend time entering these details again, saving those extra few seconds which could be used browsing the site or purchasing items!

What Are the Different Types of Cookies?

There are 2 main types of Cookies, first party and third party. The difference of each type is not how they store the data, but who created them. 

First Party Cookies

These cookies are created by the website you are visiting. The main functions are allowing the website to remember your login details, collecting analytics data and storing language preferences.

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Third Party Cookies

This type of cookie is created by a different website to the one you visit. They are usually attached to ads embedded on a webpage. These cookies are mainly used for advertising and marketing and can be implemented into a website using scripts or ‘tags’.

This means that any website using these scripts can take advantage of knowing your browsing habits, such as what kind of product you were looking for, even if you have never visited that particular website before.

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Are Cookies Good or Bad?

Cookies are created to make your web browsing experience easier, however this comes at the cost of privacy. 

The data these cookies collect can be much more personal than you might expect, your browsing habits and search queries reveal many aspects of your life that advertising companies or even hackers can abuse to take your hard earned cash legally or illegally!

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