zoom logo blurred screen image

With the huge uptake of users downloading the video conferencing app Zoom it is no wonder some so called 'Zoombombers' have taken the opportunity to start spoiling the fun for others.

Zoom has been downloaded more than 50 million times on the Google App Store alone. With the recent boom in workers having to work from home the app has helped businesses put their team in the 'same room'.

Some users have found that due to the default privacy settings of the app it is possible to join calls strangers calls and screenshare obscene videos, some even joining calls with young children. Security professionals have warned that the apps file sharing feature (which is turned ON by default) could be used to share malware.

On top of this, a feature that allows the host to see if a member of the group is paying attention (by seeing what application is currently in use) raises some privacy concerns. Data from the users device can also be sent to Facebook.

Zoom advises hosts of public meetings to change their settings so that only they can share their screen. For private meetings, they recommend users keep password protections on to block uninvited guests.