What help do I get in running Keep?

As part of developing Keep Stick we have undertaken extensive user trials and worked with the feedback provided to try and make Keep Stick as easy to use as possible. From the very beginning we hope you find the Keep system intuitive and easy to learn, however, should you need it, help for Keep Stick is provided in a variety of forms.

Firstly, a Quick Start Guide is included in the box with your Keep Stick purchase.

Secondly, there are also a number of help guides included in the Docs folder on the stick, which you can view from your Mac or Windows file explorer. These guides will be replicated in your encrypted documents folder when you create your new account on the stick.

We are also happy to offer assistance via email at customersupport@keepstick.com .

What if I need help running one of the applications included with Keep Stick?

The open source applications we bundle with Keep Stick come with built in help and/or links to online documentation.

I already use Ubuntu Linux will this help me?

Some features of Keep Stick will be familiar to you, however, Keep Stick has been developed as a secure system so several Ubuntu features and settings are locked and not available to users.

Is it possible to buy a Keep Stick on its own without VPN and Email services?

No, Keep Stick is only supported when it is purchased along with one year of Keep's services. The initial account activation process connects your Keep Stick to its integrated VPN, Keep Email and software updates services. Your Keep Stick will continue to operate without its VPN and Keep Email if after one year you do not renew your services.

What’s included within the Keep Stick package?

Keep Stick includes everything you need to get started including a Quick Start Guide and a handy key fob. The first step will be to activate your personal encrypted account on the stick using your personal Activation Key code that is sent to you via email following your purchase.

What do I need to activate my Keep Stick?

Your Keep Stick can be activated on either a PC or compatible Mac. You will need your personal Activation Key code. Please follow the Quick Start guide included with your Keep Stick. You will need a reliable and secure internet connection, either WiFi or wired, to complete your account setup. The activation process will also update the Keep software to the latest version so it may take several minutes to complete depending on the speed of your connection.

What information do I need to give Keep to activate my Keep Stick?

The Keep activation process does not require any personal information. You simply enter your Activation Key code and choose a username and email address for your @keepstick.com encrypted email. You also select your own login password for the stick.

What happens if I forget my password?

All your personal data on the stick is encrypted using your password. We have no record of your password. If you forget your password there is no other way to log in to your account or access your encrypted data. We recommend you select a password that is both memorable and secure and/or write it down and store it in a secure location away from your stick.

We'll be adding more FAQs soon. Check back here for more.